Friday, March 16, 2012

"Piss" Video Submission

Pantera is looking for footage of their fans rocking and moshing to their favorite Pantera song... as hard as they can! The fans that shred the hardest will get their mugs featured in the upcoming NEW PANTERA video for PISS, which is their final UNRELEASED song. Headbang with your friends, climb the walls of your bedroom, skate around the parking lot where you hang out…however you listen to metal, do it for your iPhone, Android, Flipcam, Bloggie, etc and send it to us!
Here is what you have to do:

If you are under 18, you will need your parent or guardians approval to officially appear (you will be contacted).

Submit a video file of you moshing and raging to your favorite Pantera song. It should just be 1-2 min of your absolute favorite song right in front of the camera. Please make sure to state your name and age at the beginning of the video so we can match it with your e-mail. Please submit your video below. Once the video is uploaded, you will see a "THANK YOU" banner appear.

If your video is chosen, you will be notified via email and given further instructions.

Thank you!